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We provide contract drafting and transactional contract review.

Software Licensing
  • In-bound license agreements: from drafting and redlining to negotiation

  • Out-bound license agreements; drafting and negotiation

Standard Contract Library
  • Review and update existing form contracts

  • Draft form contracts for software licensing, consulting services, and other transactions

Technology Services Agreements
  • Review and negotiate technology consulting and software development and implementation agreements

  • Review statements of works and related exhibits:

    • Confirm scope

    • Applicability

    • Consistent terms

Dispute Resolution
  • Aid with resolution of disputes related to existing technology agreements and vendor relationships

Vendor Selection
  • Aid in drafting vendor RFPs

  • Provide counseling related to the IT RFP process

  • Aid in the vendor selection process, which includes analysis of key legal terms controlling the resulting relationship

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